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"The World Cookbook".

All Vegetable Side Dishes Cookbook                    146 Recipes

Start with Almond Mushroom Pate, then on to Baked Sweet Potato Sprinkled with Blue Cheese, Basque Shepherd's Pie or Broccoli Souffle. Eggplant Croquettes might entice you, or maybe you're the Proscuitto and Sausage Wrapped fruit type. Enough Bean dishes for every purpose.


Appetizer Recipes Cookbook                                829 Recipes

The Ultimate Appetizer Collection. Blue Cornmeal Crepes, Beggar’s Purses, Cheese Dips, Cheese Balls, Broiled Seafood Canapés, Chicken Dumplings with Dipping Sauce, Cucumbers and Curry.


Asparagus Recipes Cookbook                                   262 Recipes

The many ways you can enjoy Asparagus, both as a side dish alone or full meal suggestions. The Asparagus Wrap, Sauces for dipping and different preparation methods, Stir Fried, Roasted, baked or Steamed it's all good! My Favorite? Asparagus with Bernaise Sauce.


Bean Recipes Cookbook                                   213 Recipes

Starts with 5 Bean Soup and gets better from there. BBQ Beans of several ilks, Bean Curd Recipes as well as recipes from different Countries and Areas. Bologna Bean Stew shows the variety! Many Mexican Pecipes for Beans, as well as Caribbean offerings. Don't skip this one!


Blender Recipes Cookbook                   27 Recipes

Sauce, Gravy and Dressing, the Best of the Blender! Bearnase Sauce, Hollandaise, Gravy, Mayonnaise, Tartar Sauce and other Classics. Make them fresh with your own ingredients. The Spanish Tomato Sauce would go good on Pasta.


Bread Machine Recipes Cookbook                   389 Recipes

Many different recipes and only most are for the Bread Machine, this one has many more Sourdough Breads and the most healthy Breads you can make.  Whole Wheat, Barley, Rice, Grain, Granola Breads and many Banana, Honey Granola, Maple Oatmeal and many more Great Breads with great taste!


Bread Sourdough Recipes Cookbook                 25 Recipes

5 different starters to get you started, then it’s on to Breads and even Sourdough Pancakes.  How about Applesauce Cake and Sourdough Biscuits or Cornbread?


Breakfast Recipes Cookbook                   175 Recipes

Many Crepes, Pastries, Pancakes and everything Breakfast. Have you ever had a Bosque Tortilla? How about a Brunch in High Cotton? Does Chinese Thousand Year Eggs sound good to you?


Brown Rice Recipes Cookbook                   413 Recipes

7 Grain Grain and Rice Loaf, Mexican Chicken and Rice, Basic Spanish Rice, Bean Burgers, Brown Rice Pudding, Chicken Livers over Rice. Chili Rice and Crackpot Barley, Grilled Rice and many things stuffed with Rice!


Cajun Recipes Cookbook                                  72 Recipes

How about some Acadian Peppered Shrimp with some Blackened Cajun Artic Char? Boiled Crabs and Boiled Crawfish? Andouille Smoked Sausage in Red Gravy, ever hear of something more Cajun than that?


Canadian Recipes Cookbook                                95 Recipes

Starting with Canadian and continuing through Queen Elizabeth Cake or from Toronto Pie to Quebec Smoked Salmon this is a rich start to Canadian Cooking.


Cheddar Cheese Recipes Cookbook                     769 Recipes

Trash Bag Taco Salad, Armadillo Eggs, Bacon Cheese Muffins, (Got to be good!), Baked Cheddar Toast, I can go on and on. Chalupas, Cheddar Burgers, Cheddar Bread, Cheese Muffins, Cheese Nuggets, Chicken Pie with Biscuit Crust.


Cheese Recipes Cookbook                                   248 Recipes

Cheese Cakes galore! Blue Cheese Pinwheels, Caraway Cheese Crisps, Cheese Souffle, Cottage Cheese Pancakes, Goat Cheese Calzone, Lemon Cheese Chiffon, Pot Roast in Savory Cheese Sauce. Everything Cheese!


Cheescake Recipes Cookbook                                105 Recipes

Aloha Cheescake, Dr. Ruth's Almost as Good as Sex Cheesecake, French Cheesecake, German Kasekuchen, Impossible Chocolate Cheesecake, Italian Cheesecake, New Zealand Kiwi Cheesecake or wind up with The Ultimate Cheesecake!


Chicken Breast Recipes Cookbook                          749 Recipes

Recipes for Chicken Breasts for the everyday cook. There is no limit to the way to cook with a Chicken Breast but this might be more than you can imagine. Try it and enjoy! 29 Recipes with Lemon Chicken in the Title, 30 Recipes with Rice & Chicken.


Chicken Recipes Cookbook                                       410 Recipes

Acapulco Chicken, African, Aloha Chicken, and we're still in the A's. Hot and Spicy Chicken Soft Tacos.   Savory Chicken, Scalloped Chicken, Thai Chicken, Vietnamese Chicken Curry or Yakitori Chicken Kabobs. It's International and Interdenominational.


Chicken Wings Recipes Cookbook                              67Recipes

These recipes are everything you can make with Chicken Wings, from the spicy Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing to Gumbo Style Chicken Wings.  From Mexican Chicken Wings, Oriental Chicken Wings, Chinese Chicken Wings Teriyaki Chicken multiple ways.  Chicken Wings made into many dishes and many tasty ways with multiple Dips.


Chinese Recipes Cookbook                                            131 Recipes

Your Favorite Chinese take-out dishes can be made at Home! Almond Chicken, Chinese BBQ Sauce, Egg Rolls, Thousand Year Eggs, Egg Drop Soup, Kung Pao Chicken, Spicy Bean Curd, Egg Foo Young and Lemon Cashew Chickwen. I'll bet there's at least one of your Favorites!


Crockpot Recipes Cookbook                                          170 Recipes

Comfort Food at it's finest. Easy to use Recipes like Chilis, Briskets, Stews, Stroganoffs, Boeuf Bourguigon, all made in your Crockpot! Try some Cowloon Chicken, Scalloped Potatoes, Creole or Curry, Chicken & Dumplings, even make your own Spaghetti Sauce!


Diabetic Recipes Cookbook                                            690 Recipes

A good selection of Recipes for the Diabetic. Muffins, Brownies and Biscuits. How about Rice and Cheese Casserole, a Spicy Salsa or a Gumbo? Chocolates, Cakes, Puddings, Milkshakes and much more.


Dip Recipes Cookbook                                            78 Recipes

Artichoke Dip, Cold Clam Dip, Curry Dip, Debbie's Chalupa Dip, Deluxe Salmon Dip, and just a couple more. A lot of Dips, it's all good!


Dressing Recipes Cookbook                                     53 Recipes

Artichoke Dip, Cold Clam Dip, Curry Dip, Debbie's Chalupa Dip, Deluxe Salmon Dip, and just a couple more. A lot of Dips, it's all good!


Drinks Cookbook                                               100Recipes

Almond Cooler, Blueberry Yogurt Shake, Eggnog, Cranberry, Homemade V8 Juice, Hot Cocoa Mix, Ice Cream Sodas, Melon Drinks, Raspberry, Rhubarb and Cherry, and on.  Drinks for all seasons and all occasions.  Non-Alcoholic just great taste!  The mixes are refreshing and uses many fruits and vegetables.  Enjoy!


Dumpling Recipes Cookbook                            17 Recipes

Chicken Soup with Dumplings to Chicken Soup with Potato or Cheese Dumplings. Just right for the Chicken and Dumpling Conundrum.   Herbed Chicken with Dumplings, Stewed Chicken with Dumplings, Southern Chicken with Dumplings, you get the idea.


Egg Recipes Cookbook                                   1,200 Recipes

Thai Omlette, 1 Egg Butter Spritz, Toast, Tart, Taco, Cake, Souffle, Quiche, Fritada, Mimosa, Soup, Salad, Chowder, Sauce, Dips, HorsD'Voeuvres, Devilled, Coddled Egg, Egg Nog, I CAN keep this up!



English Recipes Cookbook                                                   22 Recipes

Knights of Windsor, (French Toast kicked up), Toad in the Hole, crumpets, scones and Oatcakes to Steak and Kidney Pie a good introduction to common English dishes.


Ethiopian Recipes Cookbook                                                21 Recipes

Yetakelt W’et, a Spicy Stew or Dabo, (a Sabbath Bread), there is enough totest your appeal to these spicy dishes and condiments.


Filet Mignon Recipes Cookbook                                   7 Recipes

Not so much of a Cookbook but a guide to great preperation for Filet Mignon and some sauces t dress it up.


Filipino Recipes Cookbook                                                11 Recipes

Abodong Isda(Fish in Tangy Sauce), Dinuguan (Blood Soup), Inihaw Na Bangus (Grilled Milk Fish), Tips on Filipino Cuisine. A taste of the World.


Fish Recipes Cookbook                                                       274 Recipes

Manhatten Seafood Stew, Paella, Salmon Croquettes, Seafood Newburg, Shellfish Gazpacho, Shrimp Bisque, Shrimp Casserole, Fish with Shrimp Gravy. If it's good it's here, and they all look pretty to make. Did you ever try Smoked Trout Tartlettes?


German Recipes Cookbook                                                  111 Recipes

A cookbook itself this represents most of the German dishes I’ve eaten.  From Goulash to Hot Potato Salad or Sauerkraut with almost anything.  Don’t forget the Baked Goods.


Greek Recipes Cookbook                                                     214 Recipes

White Fish, Clams, Shrimp, Scallops, Mussels and Octopus, all just ingredients in the Aegean Sea Chowder.  Several ways to make Baklava, Gyros, Moussaka and much more.


Ham All Ways Recipes Cookbook                                      500 Recipes

Just what it says, Ham in all it's multitude of Recipes. Ham & Cheese, Ham & Potatos, Ham & Rice is nice. Ham and Shrimp Creole, Ham Gone Bananas or Hamaguri Sakami, (That's actually Clams).   There is a good number of Hamburger Recipes and even some Hamburger Soups.


Hamburger Recipes Cookbook                                      84 Recipes

Speaking of Hamburger, no Soup in this one but Very Interesting Hamburgers! Beef and Cabbage Joes, Casseroles, Meatloafs, Stroganogs and Pizzas. What more to get from Hamburger? Take a look!


Holiday Recipes Cookbook                                                   291 Recipes

Some Recipes for the Holidays. Many Candies and Breads, Leg of Lamb or Cabndied Yam, Candied Cranberrys to Candied Pickle Sticks. Fruit Cake, Conserves, Jams and Jellies. Ever have Harrod's Christmas Pudding? What's your favorite Turkey, Stuffing and giblet Gravy Recipe?


Indonesian Recipes Cookbook                                             44 Recipes

Ajam Panggang (Indonesian BBQ Chicken), Kare Ikan (Curried Fish), Mee Ayam ((Chicken with Egg Noodles), Mee Daging (Beef Egg Noodles), Mee Ikam (Monk Fish with Egg Noodles), or a Satay with Beef, Chicken or Pork , or even Liver I've been told.


Italian Recipes Cookbook                                                   141 Recipes

Italian Classics, just like Mom never made. Fettuccine Alfredo, Easy Lasagna, some Crockpot Chicken several ways or how about Crockpot Pizza? Swiss Spaghetti Sauce? Pizza several types and a lot more! Ricotta dishes and all the Shrimp Delgado you can eat.


Japanese Recipes Cookbook                                              56 Recipes

Beef Misoyaki, Broiled Oysters and Mushrooms, Crab Stuffed Cucumber Roll, Miso Soup with Shrimp (one of my Favorites), Pickled Daikon, 4 Tempura Batters and Tempura Dipping Sauces, many Tempura recipes and Teriyaki Recipes galore!


Korean Recipes Cookbook                                                8 Recipes

Bul Gogi, Kahl Bi, two of the most popular Korean dishes for North Americans. It's amazing how many Service Men and Women remember these dishes. A Korean Salad and Ribeye Steak would be a good meal!


London Towne Recipes Cookbook                                   130 Recipes

Recipes you mightfind in Old London Town, Okay, maybe New London Town! Asparagus Strata, Baked Cornish Game Hen, Black Bottom Pie, Corn Pudding, Crab Cakes, Cream Cheese Sauce, London Town Terrace Crab Pie, it all sounds good!


Lowcal Recipes Cookbook                                                138 Recipes

Many dishes that sound so rich and delicious yet are lower in calories. Many Chicken and Fish dishes, toppings for salads or vegetables. Citrus Shrimp and Salad, Herb Dip, Fettuccini Alfredo, Pasta Primaravera and even Desserts!


Marinade Recipes Cookbook                                                15 Recipes

Marinades for all meats and even for Grilling. Be sure and check, you might find a the marinade you need for your next dish!


Mexican Recipes Cookbook                                                 599 Recipes

My favorite, Huevos Rancheros also Burritos, Chimichangas, Fajitas, Enchiladas, you name it then cook it!  Chicken in Mole Sauce, you make the Mole, Sauces, Salsas & on.


Mixes Recipes Cookbook                                   248 Recipes

Mixes with dry ingredients, dressing mixes, Fruit Cocktail Mix, Herb Stuffings, Garden Vegetable Mix, Granola Mix, Seasones Coating Mis, Seasoned Breadcrumb Mix, Pancakes and Muffins, lots of type and kinds of Mixes!


Muffin Recipes Cookbook                                                185 Recipes

Everyone loves muffins and these are great! Barley Nut, Banana Oat Bread, Oat Bran Muffins, Bean Muffin, Blue Corn Muffins, Garbanzo Recipes for Cookies, Breads and Muffins. Includes a lot of Healthy Pancakes and Waffles.


Noodle Recipes Cookbook                                                514 Recipes

30 Minute Beef Stroganoff, All-American Hot Dish, Baked Prawns and Munfbean Noodles, Buttered Garlic Noodles, Chicken Chow Mein, Cantonese Chicken Salad with Cashews, Noodles Romanoff, Spicy Thai Noodles and Vietnamese Crab Spring Rolls.


Pancake Recipes Cookbook                                             286 Recipes

Apple, Banana, Bell Pepper, Blueberry, Chocolate, Buttermilk, Cheesecake, Pasta and Salmon. I could go on but I want to save room for Alaskan, Chinese, Danish, Ukranian, Dutch Danish, Finnish, even Swabian.


More Pancake Recipes Cookbook                                  206 Recipes

You thought you were done? Ahmad Rashad's Banana Pancakes, Apfelpannkuchen Pancakes,David Eyer's Pancake, Korean Home Style Scallion Pancake and Mark's Eggless Pancake. That's over 400 ways to make Pancakes, for Breakfast, Dinner or Supper.


Pasta Recipes Cookbook                                                 131 Recipes

How to make your own Pasta dough? Fettuccine Alfredo, Make your own Low Cal Alfredo Sauce, Hungarian Goulash, Linguine with White Clam Sauce, Pasta Primavera, Pasta Carbonara or Sun Dried Tomato-Noodle Pudding?


Pesto Recipes Cookbook                                                 17 Recipes

Just a start to introduce easy to make Pesto, a set of Basic Recipes to get you started and a couple of examples of how they can be adapted.   Pasta wit a Light Pesto, a Pesto and Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce and a Pesto Fish Sauce.


Pickled Recipes Cookbook                                                30 Recipes

Three recipes for Bread and Butter Pickles, three recipes for Dill Pickles, Pickled Oakra, Pickled Beet and Onions, Pickled Garden Salad, Yellow Cucumber Pickles and even Cantaloupe Pickles.


Potato Recipes Cookbook                                                137 Recipes

Potato Recipes, like Potatoes Gremolada and dishes that just include Potatoes, like Fast and Fit Clam Chowder. Warm Potato Salad and a Sweet Potato Casserole, Sweet and Sour Potatoes? Mediterranean to Mashed, Fries to Baked, they are all there.


More Potato Recipes Cookbook                                  40 Recipes

You thought you were done? Bistro Beef and Potatoes Matson, Black Forrest Potato Salad, Greek Potato Salad with Dried Tomatoes, Potato Tomato Bisque, you have to try this one.


Recipe Center Cookbook                                     200 Recipes

A very good collection of a mix of popular recipes. You’ve heard of or eaten all these dishes.  Fried, Baked, Poached, Broiled, Boiled and BBQ’d, Bread, Fish, Meats, Pastas, Salads, Soups and anything else you want.  Baked Veal Fillet with Béarnaise Sauce, Barbecued Baby Back Ribs, Beef Ribeye with Red Wine Sauce to Auntie Annie’s Lamb Burgers and Banana Milkshake.


Rice Recipes Cookbook                                                 172 Recipes

"21 Club" Rice Pudding, Cajun Rice in many flavors, Chicken Rice Soup, Chinese Crab Rice, Fried Rice, Harvest Rice and More! How about Tofu Fried Rice for a change? Or go with a nice Tuna and Rice dish?


Salad Recipes Cookbook                                                 292 Recipes

Ambrosia, many other Fruit Salads, Slaw Salads, Bean Salads and lots of Dressings. Potato Salad, Toasted Perrers Salad, Russian Dressing, Sour Cream Dressing, Yogurt Dressing is good! Seafood Salad, Squid Salad, Noodles in Sesame Sauce, everything Salad.


Salad Dressing Recipes Cookbook                                53 Recipes

You'll need some Salad Dressings, here they are. Balsamics, Buttermilk & Honey, Cesear Vinaigrette, Honey Dijon and all the standard dressings. Italian, Ranch, French, all the usual and many Low Fat or Fat Free. Fresh ingredients mean fresh dressings, Great tastes!


Sandwich Recipes Cookbook                                                35 Recipes

BBQ Beef, Cajun Chicken, Cod, Dagwood Bumstead, Grilled, Crockpot or Baked. Avacado, Cheese and Basil Mayonnaise, Eggplant and Falafel are good also. Grilled Tofu, Monte Cristo, from the best to the best tasting!


Sauce Recipes Cookbook                                                 205 Recipes

You're sure to find that Award Winning BBQ Sauce here, or a Marinade for Fish, Fowl, Beef or Pork. Salsa Cubano, Spicy Korean, Jamacian Jerks and Teriyaki Sauce for Whatever.   Duck, Steak, Lamb, Goat, Chicken, all kinds of Fish, how about Teriyaki Marinade BBQ Sauce for Caribou?


More Sauce Recipes Cookbook                                  205 Recipes

You thought you were done? All the Barbecue Sauces you've wanted, spicy, savory, sweet, you name it. How about Fish Sauce or Caribou Marinade? Burgandy Steak Sauce or Caper Sauce for Steaks?


Seafood Recipes Cookbook                                                 453 Recipes

Shrimp. Tuna, Talapia, Salmon, Crab, Crawfish, Redfish, Whitefish and Artic Char. Clam Chowder, Shrimp in Chinese Lobster Sauce, Mussels in Cream Sauce.   Fish Fillets Au Gratin, Fish Tacos, Grilled Shark, Salmon, Hawaiian Fish and Catfish. Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo, it's ALL here.


Shrimp Recipes Cookbook                                                 74 Recipes

Shrimp in all styles and from many different Countries. Spicy Thai, Stir Fried Chinese, Baked Shrimp Indienne, Italian styles or good old BBQ Shrimp. Shrimp in a Quiche or a Lobster Sauce. Mixed with other seafoods in Jambalaya.


Soup Recipes Cookbook                                                 431 Recipes

Beef Stew, Al's Seafood Bisque, Many Beef Soups, Black Bean Soups galore, Chicken and Dumplin, Chicken Noodle, Clam Chowder, Cream of Mushroom, Classic Onion, Crackling Rice Soup Even French Onion, German Cabbage or Georgian Potato Soup. Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Korean Soups.


Spanish Recipes Cookbook                                                  154 Recipes

Chicken, Seafood, Vegetables Sauces and Side dishes, you’ll find what you want for Spanish Cooking.  I spent two years in Spain and loved the food, I hope you will too.


Spicy Recipes Cookbook                                                      14 Recipes

Just a Taste of a Spicy Sampling, some ideas to get you started. Try some Tobasco Classics or make some Hot Paste, cook some Hot Prawns or there's always Chili.


Squid Recipes Cookbook                                                32 Recipes

Try some Calamari, Jambalaya, Paella, Smoked or fried. Many Tuna dishes, or go for the Froglegs. I guess this could be added to Seafood, I'll leave it here for now though.


Stew Recipes Cookbook                                                 74 Recipes

Armenian Pumpkin Stew, Arni Kapana (Lamb Stew), Baeckenoffa (Beef, Pork and Lamb Stew), Frogmore Stew (relax, it's Kielbasa and Shrimp), Vichyssoise (Chicken Broth, Cream and Potato), Welsh Rarebit (Beef, not Rabbit). Enjoy them all.


Tofu Recipes Cookbook                                                 30 Recipes

Thirty ways to enjoy Tofu, from a Tofu Sandwixh to Tofu Chili, a very versatile bean! Tofu Fried Rice or Tofu Manicotti, to Marinated Tofu. There are a lot of ways to stay healthy and this Cookbook has thirty ways!


Vegetarian & Vegan1 Cookbook                                         721 Recipes

Beans, Bananas, Beets, Leeks, mushrooms, eggplant, all the best.  You have to have this one.  Soups, Stews, relishes, dips, dressings and much more.  Carrot Burger anyone?


Vegetarian &Vegan 2 Cookbook                                         707 Recipes

Vegetarian Butter, A Lucky Accident, (Stock was saved then used to cook Pasta), Bulgar & Rice Pilaf, Mushroom Pot Pie, just so many Bean, Tofu, Rice, Wheat and Fruit recipes.


Vegetable Side Dishes Cookbook                                      146 Recipes

Start with Almond Mushroom Pate, then on to Baked Sweet Potato Sprinkled with Blue Cheese, Basque Shepherd's Pie or Broccoli Souffle. Eggplant Croquettes might entice you, or maybe you're the Proscuitto and Sausage Wrapped fruit type. Enough Bean dishes for every purpose.


Welsh Recipes Cookbook                                                     14 Recipes

Two interesting Farm meals of Soup, meats and vegetables all cooked together.  Mussel Pate, Parsley Pie, Trout and Bacon, Leeks and Cakes or a Rhubarb Tart.


Wild Rice Recipes Cookbook                                                 94 Recipes

7 Grain - Rice and Vegetable Salad, Cornish Hens with Wild Rice Stuffings, Garlic Soup (don't be fooled, there are many ingredients and only 3 cloves of Garlic), even Wild Thing (Steak, sliced, Onions, Corn and Tomato).



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