The Historical Classic Series are the Original Text Games that were the very First to be developed and widely played on all computers. Originally played on large card processing mainframes they developed a life of their own. I originally played these games in 1980-1981.

Adventure, The Interactive Original By Will Crowther (1973) and Don Woods (1977) Reconstructed in three steps by: Donald Ekman, David M. Baggett (1993) and Graham Nelson (1994) [In memoriam Stephen Bishop (1820?-1857): GN] Release 5 / Serial number 961209 / Inform v6.05 Library 6/2 Standard interpreter 1.0 This Game is somewhat like the Zork Series, you're off on an Adventure.....

Eliza ELIZA -- an interactive parroting From Creative Computing magazine; adapted for the IBM PC by Patricia Danielson and Paul Hashfield; readapted for Inform by Ricardo Dague. [type "shut up" to end] Eliza is a game in which you are the Patient, "How does that make you feel?"

Hunt the Wumpus Original BASIC version (1972) by Gregory Yob. Inform port (1999) by Magnus Olsson . Release 1 / Serial number 991216 / Inform v6.21 This is a very basic, bare game in which you Hunt the Wumpus!

Softporn Adventure SOFTPORN ADVENTURE An Interactive Classic By Chuck Benton Reconstructed in Pascal by Paul Schlyter Reconstructed in Inform by Patrick Kellum Release 0 / Serial number 971018 / Inform v6.14 Library 6/7 This is the start of the Leisure Suit Larry Series, same basic concept.